Interdisciplinary House of Resources and Language Research (MIRREL)

MIRREL contributes to the development of language skills at Aix-Marseille University by supplementing the offer of initial training and continuing education. The service is structured in three operational areas.

1. The Center for Self-Study and Language Resources of MIRREL (CARLAM)

The center (formerly CALUP) is located on the Marseille Saint-Charles site. He has several missions: consulting; free and supervised self-training (conversation and remediation workshops in languages ​​led by teachers and / or native speakers, French as a foreign language ...); provision of documentation (provision of language learning software and books, loan of books, manuals and DVDs). CARLAM manages the language bonus scheme of the university.

2. Certifications in languagesCertificate in Languages ​​of Higher Education (CLES) -

MIRREL implements CLES sessions organized by the University of Aix-Marseille in coordination with the CLES referent of the institution.

Diploma of competence in language (DCL) - The MIRREL is the headquarters of the national management of the DCL and is the examination center of the DCL sessions organized by the rectorate of Aix-en-Provence.

3. Language Services

Specific language needs - The ongoing globalization creates many language needs within our institution that are specific, uncertain and difficult to predict. MIRREL examines applications in this area and studies them in order to propose appropriate solutions. The areas of intervention include atypical self-training needs, support for language learning for people with disabilities, English-French translation and proofreading of scientific and institutional documents ...

Module "Support to Publication and Pedagogy in English" (APPA, ex-ECLAIM): training in English for teacher-researchers - The MIRREL offers a module of 10, 20 or 30 hours of training in English for teachers-researchers to to help them teach and publish in that language. The APPA module adapts to the disciplinary needs of each group and includes, as the case may be: revisions of the basics of the language, learning of adapted expressions, work on appropriate pedagogical and / or scientific documents, training in pedagogical speaking and / or scientific, preparation of research papers, translation and proofreading of scientific articles, slideshows, abstracts, etc. The groups, of five learners on average, are formed to ensure a good disciplinary homogeneity.

Some benefits of the MIRREL are paying. For more details, thank you for contacting us.